MyGuide Hunt Overview
Bass Pro Shops: MyGuide Hunt
  • Satellite, topographic, and street map views of the entire US and Canada 
  • GPS function instantly locates where you are on the map and can trace where you’re going 
  • Zoom in and out to see everything 
  • Save map areas you’ll be traveling to at the zoom levels of your choice, for when you don’t have a data signal 


  • Place markers on your maps indicating any and all points of interest in the area: trails, your stand, a camp or cabin site, animal sign, bedding areas—anything you’d like! 
  • Use the Trace function for realtime navigation in the field 
  • Find five-day Weather information for where you are, or where you’re going 
  • Use industry standard Solunar Data to help determine best times to hunt 


  • Orient yourself with the digital compass 
  • Compass includes both magnetic and true North 
  • Use the Travel function to set an exact heading to the markers you’ve placed 


  • Direct link to Bass Pro Shops mobile site to grab trip necessities 
  • Notifications about sales and promotions on all your favorite gear at Bass Pro Shops 
  • Adding top-notch features is our highest priority…so check back often for new tools!Coming soon for Android