Outdoor Partners Entertainment

Outdoor Partners Entertainment is a leading developer of interactive entertainment software for the outdoor enthusiast and video game player.  The company develops its games for the leading console systems and PC, as well as fast-growing, emerging platforms such as iOS, Android and Facebook.  Backed by a best-selling portfolio of licensed hunting and fishing games, the company’s include Bass Pro Shops® The Strike: Tournament Edition and Bass Pro Shops® The Hunt: Trophy Showdown for the Wii and Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt – King of Bucks, Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Pro angler for Apple iPhone and iPad and well as the top Hunting Utility app MyGuide: Hunt for Apple iPhone. 

We are also adding new licenses and projects on a regular basis. Looking for help on your next game of App utility? Contact us for help. 

Contact us at: [email protected]
Outdoor Partners Entertainment LLC
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