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Q. How can I get more ammo?

If you accept a mini-game challenge from an NPC (Non Playable Character) in the level and WIN, you will be awarded Extra Tags and extra ammo. This will happen only one time per NPC, per Level.


Q. How do I change my Weapon?

In Game

  • Press Left or Right on the Wii Remote Plus Control Pad, highlight weapon and press the Z Button or the A Button.
  • Select what weapons you are going to use for the Tournament:
  • From the Menu enter the Bass Pro Shops Store before you start the Tournament and you can select the weapons you bring with you into each level.


Q. Can I use the peripheral from the first version of The Hunt?

Yes, you can use the Wii controller from version one of The Hunt as well as the Wii Zapper.


Q. My shots don’t seem to be accurate. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure to take into account real life things like bullet drop if the animal is far away

Also try using your Hunter’s Stealth to help you place your shot in an animal’s vital areas for a clean kill.


Q. Why does the game look pixelated?

This could be due to few different things:

  • If you have a High-Definition Television, make sure to check your video settings on your Wii console and set it to 480p
  • You will need to have Component cables for this (Red,Green,Blue)
  • When you are running Basic Composite Cables on your High Definition TV, this can force stretching of the image causing pixelation on the screen


Q. What does Scent Eliminator do?

This will cover the Hunter’s scent, helping the Hunter remain undetectable to nearby animals. This allows the Hunter to get closer to animals and make more accurate shots.


Q. What is “Doe Estrus”

Doe Estrus is a hormone-based deer scent that hunters use to attract Bucks to the area


Q. What is “Doe Bleat”

This is a call that mimics the sound of a female deer—which should attract any nearby Bucks.


Q. Why do I get punished for killing an animal?

There are few game rules you probably broke such as:

  • You cannot kill an animal that you do not have a tag for!
  • Except small game/varmints – Boar, Coyote, Raccoon, Rabbit and Duck
  • You can kill only male animals of any species for which you have tag for. You cannot kill females.
  • In order to kill any bird, including Turkey, you have to use Shotgun or Bow (Crossbow). It is illegal to hunt birds or otherwise fire a rifle into the sky.
  • You have 4min to claim your kill, or you will lose tag and get punished. You may have waited too long to claim a kill.


Q. Why was I kicked out of the game?

If you preform 3 illegal hunting practices, you will be kicked out of the game and you will have to start the last tournament all over again.


Q. What are the achievements?

  • Numero Uno
    Finish first in every tournament on every map and finish first in the game
  • Royal Blood
    Bag every King of Bucks in the game
  • Quick Learner
    Successfully complete tutorial
  • Shack Attack
    Find all hidden shacks in every Tournament level
  • Blind Fury
    Successfully complete BlindFire Mini Game
  • The Aim Game
    Preform 50 Perfect Shots (For this achievement, this would be 50 bullet cam shots)
  • Legend Slayer
    Successfully bag all Legendary animals
  • Head to Head
    Successfully complete every in-game NPC mini-challenge
  • Dirt Nap
    Lose 12 Dangerous Encounters
  • The Survivor
    Survive 12 Dangerous Encounters
  • Silent Hinter
    Successfully complete one entire region (level) using a Bow (or crossbow) only!
  • The Exterminator
    Bag one of every single animal in the game
  • No Fly Zone
    Take down 75 Birds in the Bird Hunt Mini-Game in one sitting
  • Iron Maiden
    Kill 10 critters with pistol on a single level
  • From a Distance
    Manage to hit and/or kill animal form 250+ yards away


Q. What’s different about Pro Mode?

In Pro Mode the player will have less ammo, fewer tags, and less time in order to complete the level.


Q. What does the Black X represent on my GPS map?

Black X represents the location of a successful kill you’ve made


Q. What does Red X represent on my GPS?

Red X represents the location of a Dangerous Encounter I’ve completed


Q. Why do I have a small crown icon on my GPS?

That represents the location where you can find (or did find and kill) the King of Bucks


Q. What does the house icon represent on my GPS?

It represents the location of the Hidden Shack after you’ve found it


Q. I found Hidden Shack—now what? What are the Hidden Shacks for?

If you walk up to the front door of the Hidden Shack, you will receive a hint about where to find the King of Bucks for that level. Check your GPS for a crown icon representing the area you’ll find the King of Bucks.


Q. What does the Black Player icon represent on my GPS?

That is where you can compete in an In-Game Mini-Challenge with an NPC


Q. Why is there a white icon flashing in the top left corner of the screen?

That represents your Scent Eliminator

  • Full Icon: Scent Eliminator is active and animals will have a harder time detecting you
  • Flashing Icon: Your Scent Eliminator is fading
  • No Icon: Your Scent Eliminator is not active


Q. How are animals I claimed scored in the Tournament?

Each kill and claim will measure following:

  • Size of the animal
  • Accuracy of the kill
  • Perfect shot – one bullet or not
  • Bullet Cam
  • Weapon used
  • Tournament animal carries more points
  • Legendary and King of Bucks carry the biggest bonuses


Q. What is largest score for an animal?

Largest score possible would be 300 points for a single kill


Q. How many times can I replay a level?

As many times as you like—there is no limit.


Q. I cannot find my King of Bucks in the Trophy Room

The King of Bucks are separated in a Trophy room of their own. Look for a separate area of the Trophy Room at the end of a long passage.


Q. If I Kill and Claim KOB or Legendary animal once, can I find them again?

No! Legendary animals and King of Bucks are unique animals and once they are claimed, they are gone.


Q. Do I lose one of my tags for fighting off a Dangerous Encounter?



Q. I can’t seem to find any animals! What am I doing wrong?

You might be alerting nearby animals to your location by not using Hunter’s Stealth, which helps you move around the level more quietly
Try using some of your hunting equipment like a scent or a call to attract a nearby animal toward you
You may have scared off nearby animals by firing your weapon either accidentally or at a different target